by Kathleen Hamilton

Now priced at $19.95 per book.

Books One to Seven are available from the online store of the Toronto Star.
  • "I have been a fan of your crosswords for many years. They even accompanied me on deployment to Afghanistan some years ago. I find myself buying and re-buying your books just for the pleasure of doing them." Capt. Greg Bailey, Georgina, Ont.

  • "Your crossword puzzles are a Fire Hall favorite." Brad Page, Fire Hall 343, Toronto

  • "The North of 49 crossword [in the newspaper] is a learning experience every time I do it! I look forward to your crossword at the end of every week!" Pat Thullner, Ponemah, Man.

  • "I love working on the North of 49 crossword. Living in Vancouver most of my life, the crossword has helped me realize just how much I don't know about Eastern Canada!! Thanks for the knowledge Kathleen!" Nicole Calow, Vancouver, B.C.

  • "Kathleen’s puzzles are the perfect mix of Canadiana - English, with some French sprinkled in - and enough references from the rest of the world and myriad topics to keep you on your toes." Luigi Benetton, Toronto

  • "Kathleen Hamilton's [crossword is] sufficiently challenging, yet not impossible, and I only find myself 'cheating' if I'm really stumped about a part of Canada I'm not familiar with. I'm delighted that Kathleen's puzzles are in the Saturday Ottawa Citizen." Barbara Florio Graham, author of Five Fast Steps to Better Writing and Mewsings/Musings

  • "I know how much our customers enjoy your weekly crossword and you are a consistent and reliable creator –- a pleasure to work with." Robin Graham, Toronto Star

  • "I wanted to especially extend my gratitude for the honour you give Canadian authors, artists, musicians, actors and their projects (...) by including them in the crosswords. I was tickled pink to see DaVinci's Inquest (I produced the series for its final five years)." Arvi Liimatainen, B.C.

  • "It is so refreshing to be able to do Canadian content puzzles and, joy of joys, to be able to use Canadian spellings." J. Mason, by email

  • "I have done all seven O Canada and the two True North Books, so now I am resorting to erasing and redoing the puzzles. There is much to be learned from your clues." B. Bell

  • "I can't tell you how much I am enjoying your crossword books. It is so nice to have Canadian information, names, correct spelling. Even if there are a lot of French words, I like to learn them. Please continue writing them. (...) Anything I can do to help you get them into stores, I would consider it my patriotic contribution." V. Kristiansen, Sunshine Coast, B.C.

  • "I received one of your books and both my husband and I have become hooked on them! We do crosswords in French as well, but I must say lately yours really take the cake!" H. Gautreau-Daigle, Shippagan, N.B.

  • "I LOVE your crosswords. I am a Carleton University graduate who majored in Canadian Studies and it is so refreshing to have crosswords I can answer!!!" A. Barnes, Ottawa

  • "I just finished True North book one. Outstanding! I spent the winter in Cuba and the Canadian tourists were drooling over the fact that I had your book with me. I probably could have photocopied the puzzles and sold them for $1 each but I didn't." G. Flache

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