A Life Across Canada

I grew up in small-town Saskatchewan and attended the U. of S., where I majored in French. Along the way I spent three years in France. On my return to Canada I completed an M.A., taught French for several years, then embarked on a career in book publishing.

Iíve lived in cities all across Canada from Victoria to St. Johnís, including Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

My "North of 49" crosswords ran in the Toronto Star from February 1999 to December 2017.

My crosswords have also appeared in allNovaScotia (an online business newspaper), Saturday Night, and Harrowsmith Almanac.

I have been publishing books of crosswords since 1997, at first independently, then with publishers Bluefield Books and Nightwood Editions under the name O Canada Crosswords.

After Book 7 of O Canada Crosswords, I resumed independent publishing under the name True North Crosswords. I intend to continue this series as long as I'm able to.

Follow me on Twitter for announcements. My "handle" is KHcrosswords.

Email: kathleen.hamilton@gmail.com